Monday, December 22, 2014

Owning Violet (The Fowler Sisters #1) by Monica Murphy

I liked Owning Violet. It was a different type of book for me but the same too. It was a love story with a love triangle and I normally hate those type of books but I liked this one. It was in Dual POVs. It's a three part series with a different book for each one of the Fowler Sisters.

Violet is a quiet, shy, smart female. She does everything that is expected of her and more. She likes to please everyone. She seemed like a pushover and didn't stand up for herself. But her backbone did make the occasional appearance when it was needed. It bothered me that her boyfriend Zachary was an asshole, didn't treat her well, used her and she suspected he was cheating on her but she stayed with him. She even wanted to marry him and thought his cheating ways would stop if they were married. She wasn't even sure she loved him. It felt like she was settling. It wasn't until someone pointed out that she deserved better that she open up her eyes and saw that Zachary was scum and dumped him.  She clearly came to her senses eventually got someone so much better.

Ryder was extremely sexy He had a dark past, used women, was a known womanizer, originally was gonna use Violet but ended up wanting her more than anything. Thought of himself as a bad guy that hurt people but all he did was take care of Violet every chance he got. I loved his name too and his dirty talk. I also loved when the book was being told from his POV. It felt different and real. I loved how his mind worked. But it was annoying how Ryder wanted Violet but pushed her away at the sametime. She would see the real him and he would freak and bail. It happen so many times especially right after sex, he would become distant and it annoyed me. He couldn't make up his mind, he couldn't get Violet out of his mind either. He wanted her like crazy, he just didn't think he was good enough for her. He needed up being the best thing that happen to her.

I loved Ryder and Violet's love story. Violet taught Ryder how to be in a relationship and how to love someone. Ryder taught Violet to go after what she wants and to stand up for herself. Ryder was gonna use Violet at the beginning but after having her one time, he needed her more. She was good for him. There were some things that were disturbing like Violet's dad and that girl that got around with every guy in the book, I can't remember her name right now. She was too young and he was way too old.

I can't wait for the next book in the series, Stealing Rose.

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