Wednesday, December 3, 2014

You Were Mine (Rosemary Beach #9) by Abbi Glines

I was super excited to read You Were Mine. I was scared to read it though. I didn't know how I was going to read about Bethy without Jace being the one she ended up with. I did love the story the way it turned out. You Were Mine goes back and forward between what happen 8 years ago and present day. It tells the story of how Bethy and Tripp fell in love so many years ago. It's also in Bethy's and Tripp's POV. Many past characters make appearance in the book too, which is always great. I love reading what the other characters are up too.

Bethy is way different than the girl I first read about in Fallen Too Far. She seemed like a party girl that was always looking for a good time. Now, I know why she was like that. Tripp screwed her up way before we actually met her. In You Were Mine, she is depressed and trying to find a way to live again. Jace's death had an impact on her. His death had an impact on me. I loved Jace's character and was heartbroken when he died. I truly believed Bethy loved Jace and Tripp in two completely different ways. They meant a lot to her. Bethy sort of blames herself for Jace's death. He tried to save her and ended up dying. Bethy is very innocent and sweet. She cares deeply about her friends. I loved her character now more than I did before. You Were Mine changed my opinion on her.

Tripp is a completely different kind of guy in Rosemary. He spent his summers there and knows all the guys, but he writes his own story and paved his own path. Tripp isn't like Rush, Grant, Wood or Jace. He didn't want the life his dad choose for him and decided to do something about it. He left town after spending his last summer falling in love with Bethy. Tripp has loved Bethy since he was 18 years old. He made mistakes when it came to her and he wished he never did. Tripp was Bethy's first everything. In You Were Mine I could actually feel how Tripp was feeling about Bethy. He made it known every chance he got.

I was sad that Jace die and Bethy was heartbroken. I think there should of been another way for Tripp and Bethy to be together and Jace to be alive too. However, I think if Jace was still alive Bethy and Tripp would not have been giving a second chance at being together. Neither one of them would have wanted to hurt Jace. They would have left their relationship in the past and secret. Jace's death is what brought them back together.

You Were Mine was story compared to the other stories but it did have a happy ending. Tripp finally got his Bethy back and that's all the really matters. I am sad that it doesn't look like Tripp and Bethy will be getting a second book. I honestly don't know what else could happen to these two. They got their happy ending and don't have any other obstacles to over come. I can't wait for April for Mase's book. It looks like it's going to be interesting.

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