Sunday, February 9, 2014

Take A Chance (Chances #1) by Abbi Glines

Take A Chance is a spinoff from the Too Far series by Abbi Glines. 

I loved Grant in the Too Far series. He was one of my favorite characters in the book. He was different and didn't act like the other boys in the books. I was so excited when I learned he was going to get his own book and love story. However, I was let down big time. I had high expectations and I shouldn't of.

Harlow and Grant met in the third book in the Too Far series when Rush and Blair were getting married. I was glad Grant was finally getting away from Nan. She annoys me and doesn't deserve someone like Grant. Harlow is sweet, insecure and constantly needs Grant to remind her that he wants her.. Harlow is Nan's half sister and Nan hates Harlow and Harlow hates Nan. Harlow has always had their dad's love and Nan doesn't like that. Harlow just thinks Nan is a bitch.

The book starts off with some past encounters between Harlow and Grant. Grant tells Harlow him and Nan are over. He wants her and blah, blah, blah. Grant leaves Harlow after a steamy night together. Then, its present day and Harlow is living in Rosemary with Nan. Their dad bought the house for Nan and told her she had to share it with Harlow while he's was on tour. Harlow doesn't want to stay there. She would rather be in LA. 

On Harlow's first day there, she runs into Grant as he is coming out of Nan's room. Harlow is hurt and confused. Grant spends a couple of chapters trying to get Harlow to talk to him and forgive him. Harlow finally does. They have some steamy sex and talk. Grant tells her he wants her and only her. He was scared before of loving her but not anymore. He is done running from her. 

Also, Harlow finds out her dad lied to her. Her mom is really alive and didn't die in a car accident. She was in a coma and now has no memory of anything. She also has a brother, Mase, that seems sexy and maybe should have his own book. I would love to get into his head. Nan is still a mean bitch. She needs to find a guy that can handle her. As much as I hate Nan, I would love for her to have her own story and to see why she is like she is. Bethy is still dealing with Jace's death. Blair and Rush make a couple of appearances too with baby Nate. Dean, Rush's father and Slacker Demon rock god makes an appearance. I got to see him in a different light in this book too.

However, now that I got to read about Grant and get into his head, I can honesty say I don't like him that much anymore. He seemed so different in the other books. He seemed sweet, caring, good-hearted and gentleman type of person but this book made him seem whorish, soul-less, confusing, an asshole and someone I wouldn't want to be with or deal with him. He wants Harlow to forgive him but he goes to a bar, picks up 2 girls and takes them back to his house. Nan and him being together makes more sense than Harlow and him. I just didn't like him in this book at all. Maybe in his next book he will be the Grant that I fell in love with in Too Far. Harlow was also very annoying in this book. She knows Grant has a past but gets mad at him every time brings up his past. She was very insecure and it made it seem like she was really young and not almost 20.

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