Sunday, February 2, 2014

Reaper's Legacy by Joanna Wylde

So, I read Reaper's Legacy again and there are some unanswered questions that started to really bother me. I know if the author was to answer them in the book, it might seem pointless or drag the story on but I kind of want to know.

Unanswered Questions:
  1. What happen to her neighbor Miranda from Seattle? Did they let her go? I know they said they would before the Devil Jacks came to get her bf but how did they let her go and her not run to cops before they left town?
  2. How could Em stay behind in Idaho with the Reapers but her younger sister was away at college? Did she not want to go to college or was Pic too overprotective of her?
  3. Did Sophie ever talk to Maggs about the whole show Buck your boobs thing that happen at the party? She said she was but it never said if she did. I want to know what happen with their conversation.
  4. Did Ruger ever talk to Maggs about the Buck/boob incident? He said he wanted to have a word with her too.
  5. Did Sophie ever find out what Horse meant by Marie was worth every penny he paid for her? Ruger never told her, he just said a little discretion would be nice. No explanation. Nothing.
  6. Why didn't Hunter go back to the cabin where he was holding Sophie and Em? He went to meet Ruger and Pic but by the time they got to the cabin, he still hadn't shown up. I doubt he would just leave the girls and one of his brothers there.
  7. What happen to Skid after the kidnapping? The Reapers were going to dump him somewhere alive instead of killing him so it wouldn't start something with the Devil Jacks. 
  8. What did Em say in Pic's ear at the cabin after they were found?
  9. Why was Em acting shady with the whole kidnapping thing? I don't know if it was just me but it seemed like she was in on it or knew about it. Something wasn't right with it.
  10. How did Zach find Sophie? He had to know where she was before. Ruger still talked to her and he at one point paid child support. So he should have been able to find her pretty easily but he waited until she was back in Idaho to contact her. 
  11. Why did it take Sophie 4 years to tell Ruger what really happen between her and Zach? Couldn't she have told him at some point before she did?
  12. How could she be okay to have sex on the roof of a building which is out in the open and anybody could see but not be okay with sex in a shed which is more private?
  13. Did Sophie's parent ever want to see Noah?
  14. What happen to Zach's parents? I know his stepmom passed away but he had to have other parents. Why didn't they want anything to do with Noah.
I know these aren't that important of questions but I was just wondering about them. I might have more but these were the only ones I could think of right now.

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