Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Incandescent (Knights Rebels MC #1) by River Savage

I know Incandescent has been out for awhile but I just finally got around to reading it. I always love a good Motorcycle Club book but this one wasn't that good it was mediocre. It didn't even seem like a motorcycle biker book to me. The guys said they were in a club and they all rode motorcycles but that is pretty much it. 

It annoys me as a reader when I read a book and the timeline doesn't add up right. It shouldn't bother me at all, it is just a book and not real, but I like the timeline to add up to what is happening. I know some people don't probably care about the time, days, and seasons adding up but I do. For example, (mind you they say what day it is) Kadence spelt with Nix on a Saturday, left his house on a Sunday and then saw him again on Friday for a parent teacher meeting. Then she goes on to say to say it's been 10 days since she last saw him at the meeting and it's a Saturday, which it would be Monday actually. The author does this a lot during the book and it made it hard for me to try to enjoy the book when I'm trying to think what day it actually is. 

Also, Kadence is always saying something happen last week, which is confusing, because most of the stuff she is talking about happening, happens weeks before hand. It's like the author got confused at what was going on and what she wrote. 

What I loved about this book...
1. The dirty talk. Good lord did Nix know how to dirty talk. I should have been offended by the shit that came out of his mouth or maybe a little embarrassed but I wasn't. I want to meet someone with his dirty mouth in real life.
2. The banter and playful arguing between Kadence and Nix. It was fun, lighthearted and boy did it always turn into something more.
3. The dual POVs. I always love a book that is in both characters perspectives. 
4. Holly and Sy. There weird relationship was more interesting to me than Kadence and Nix's relationship.
5. Zayden. He was a great little kid that added a little to this book. I enjoyed reading scenes that he was in.
6. Jesse. He was a huge flirt that was funny. I liked his character. He made the book a little better too.

What I hated about this book...
1. The repeating of everything. I got told and retold of what happening several times and it was pointless. Nix would say how he was feeling in one chapter and then the next chapter that was in his POV he retold how he was feeling before he got to anything new. It was like this the whole book. I started skipping parts that talked about the same things. I don't need a detailed summary of what's happening in every chapter.
2. Although I loved Holly and Sy's relationship, Holly seemed a little boring to me. I wouldn't want her as a best friend. The author tried to make her seem fun and genuine but all I got was boring. She tried to hard to be someone else.
3. Everything Nix did turned Kadence on. The way he talked to his son, the way he played catch with his son, the way he stood still, the way he drove. I mean everything he did was a major turn on for Kadence. It was annoying hearing how much he turned her on every time she saw him.
4. Addison. I think the author put her in the book for the sole purpose to make Kadence look better. I didn't see any other reason she was in this book at all. The author could have easily said Zayden's mom wasn't in the picture and left it as that, but instead she put her in the book and made her a horrible person that caused issues. 
5. Beau having a issue with Kadence cause she ditched him while he was watching her. He made it a huge issue and was mad at her the whole book. He's a grown man, biker and in a MC, but he was acting like a little baby. Who cares that she ditched him, she's a grown women, she didn't need a babysitter. 

There wasn't anything big that happen in the book or any big issues that caused serious issues for the couple. The book was okay to me, but it could have been a lot better. It had great potential. I am sort of excited to read Holly and Sy's story. It seems way more interesting and I hope it doesn't disappoint me.

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