Monday, March 30, 2015

Where I Belong (Alabama Summer #1) by J. Daniels

Where do I start with this book? I had so many problems with it, I can't possible write about them all. I think this was the first book that I can remember that I stop reading. I just couldn't read anymore. I don't care how it ends, I wasn't interested.

First of all, Mia was still a virgin at like 23 and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but she had a problem with it. She is going to spend the summer with her best friend, Tessa in Alabama and doesn't want Tessa to think she is a loser and decides to rid herself of her virginity. She stops at a bar on her drive to Alabama and gives it up to the first guy that pays her some attention. She wasn't even in the bar but like 5 minutes before she leaves with him. He could have been a killer or a rapist but she didn't think of these things.They don't even ask each other for names. I don't understand why she would care what her best friend thinks about her still having her virginity. I think Mia caring what her friend thinks is stupid.

Ben is the lucky winner of her virginity and he has no problems taking it. He did all sorts of kinky crap to her and for her to be a virgin she should have been a little more apprehensive about the shit Ben was doing. Ben instantly falls in love with Mia. She has a hot body, so what isn't to fall in love with. Ben unbeknownst to Mia is Tessa's older brother and the guy that made her childhood hell. He was so mean to her while she was going up. Mia hasn't seen Ben in 9 years when she moved to Georgia. When Mia and Ben figure out who each other is, Mia is pissed and Ben is thrilled.

Mia tells Tessa all about Ben and the sex they had. Personally I wouldn't want to know about my brother's sex life, but Tessa on the other hand wants to know everything, even the size of his dick. Gross. Ben tries to get Mia to forgive him and does a bunch of childish things. I just couldn't deal with this crap. Ben is suppose to be like 26 years old and he acts like a horny little boy in heat. He gets jealous of his friends talking to Mia. Another thing, Ben is supposedly a cop and while I was reading I thought he was a teenager. He is just way too immature and he has a kid for crying out loud. The kid's mom is a  nightmare and I don't even know how I would describe her crazy ass.

Lastly, Mia's mom is sick, like super sick. She is suppose to be getting better but yet is still SICK. Why would Mia leave Georgia to go spend the summer in Alabama with people she hasn't seen in 9 years in beyond me. I don't care that her mom was in recovery or that her mom demanded she go, there is no way I would leave my mom until I was 100% sure she was better.

I don't think I will be reading anymore books in this series. It just isn't for me.

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