Monday, March 23, 2015

Slow Burn (Driven #5) by K. Bromberg

I absolutely loved Slow Burn. I loved Hattie and Becks together. Becks is a true gentleman in every way possible. He really cared about Hattie even though she made it difficult for him. I loved Hattie way more the Rylee. Rylee I thought was annoying and in the parts of this book I still thought she was annoying. I just can't stand Rylee.

Hattie was genuine. She didn't know what she wanted but what woman does. She cared about Becks a lot and was afraid to let him get close. She had a hard year and lost someone very close to her. It was understandable for her to push people away. She was trying to protect everyone including herself. I felt bad for Hattie to have cancer and have to deal with that. She had almost lost her mother to the same cancer twice when she was younger, had just lost her sister to it a year ago and was very much raw in a way and then she was having to deal with it herself. She carried herself well with everything that was going on.

Becks was my favorite character in the whole series. I was so glad he got his own book. He seems like a true southern gentleman. He knows how to treat a lady well and doesn't act all tough. I loved how he got under Hattie skin. He knew deep down she wanted him, he just had to prove it to her and boy did he. The sex in the book was off the charts off. There wasn't that much sex between the two but the sex that was there, was great. And I was a little jealous of Hattie. I loved the dirty talk and flirting.

I felt bad for Hattie's little niece. I know she wasn't a big part of this book, but she made an impression on me. She was so young and carefree. She shouldn't of had to deal with her mom's death and then have her only aunt go through the same thing. I feel sorry for any family that has to deal with cancer in real life but having to read about it hurt me more than I realized it would.

I loved Slow Burn and the ending. Hattie and Becks are together and happy. I hope they pop up in the next book which I am definitely excited about. Colton's little sister is finding love.

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