Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Night After Night (Seductive Nights #1) by Lauren Blakely

I didn't like this book. There was something about it that just wasn't for me. I am all for hot, sexy, dominant men that is great at dirty talk and knowing how to get a female off and this book had tons of that. There is alot of sex, foreplay and dirty talk. Night After Night didn't hold my interest. I normally have a hard time putting a book down and in this case, I had a hard time picking the book up. It was boring.

The relationship between Julia and Clay seemed too easy. They had things in common, got along great, had no big problems to over come, had similar backgrounds, and loved kinky sex. Their relationship was too boring for me. There was also too many things the author repeated. Julia's financial situation, her ex and Clay's ex. Once is enough. I get they have a past, but it doesn't need to be repeated every chapter.

I also don't understand how Julia can hop into bed with Clay after knowing him for like a day. They met had an amazing sexual experience in a hotel room. Clay left to go back to New York and calls Julia and asks her to visit him. She hops on a plane to be with him. Clay could have been a murderer. Julia seemed like a strong, independent woman that knew how to take care of herself but she was also a little careless. She would do about anything to get off. I didn't like her or Clay or their relationship.

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