Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dominic (Slater Brothers #1) by L.A. Casey

What can I say about Dominic? The book started out good, had potential then fell flat. I like that the book took place in Ireland and some words were different than what I am use to. I always like reading books from authors in different countries and for some reason I always have an accent when I read them.

What bothered me was that Dominic was a little rude. He called Bronagh names like bitch and slut. He was just plain rude to her. The author made it seem like he was just teasing her and trying to get under her skin but I found it horrible. I wanted to slap Dominic myself every time he opened his mouth. Bronagh never had a problem with the name calling until Dominic said she had a phat ass. She got mad at that. I think being called a bitch by some guy that is suppose to care about you would bother someone more. Who cares about a big butt. It's not a big deal like Bronagh made it out to be.

There also was a long discussion about hair color and what color guys prefer. It was really dumb and took a whole chapter up. There was also some serious violence in this book too. Bronagh would hit Dominic or anybody else every time she got mad at someone. She had some serious angry issues. They would throw things at people. It was pretty crazy and unrealistic.

Bronagh seemed like a quiet, shy, do gooder but after like the first 5 pages she turned into a mad cussing, hateful human being. She told Dominic she hated him every chance she got. She cussed in front of her teachers. She wasn't the person the first couple of pages made her seem.

There are several books in the series. Every Slater brother 5 in all will have a book and a love story.

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