Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Untouchables (Ruthless People #2) by J.J. McAvoy

Teaser 1:
"Hello, love. How are you today? Did you miss me? Those are the questions I would like to hear when you answer the phone." Liam said.

Teaser 2:
We jumped each other whenever we were alone. I was addicted to her. She glared at me and I wanted her, she sneezed and I wanted her. She was everything and it had been more than a yeas since we lost... but the science behind how made sense. 

Teaser 3: 
Even with her bruised lips, tangled hair and bandages, my wife still locked hot as fuck.

Teaser 4:
She sighed. "I love you too, okay? Happy? I love you. Now leave before you mess with any more of my emotions."

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