Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Alarm by Shay Savage

I loved Alarm. It was a fun read to me.

Chloe loves a boring life (which I felt like I can relate too sometimes) until she meets Aiden. Chloe is sweet, nice, follows a boring routine everyday (again, I can relate), doesn't say bad things about anyone and is a people pleaser. I loved her inter-monologues. They were funny and something I would think about if I was in her situation. She over thought about everything and her mind immediately went to the worse case scenario but that's what I loved about her the most. She was careful and didn't like taking risks.

Aiden is tattooed. His whole body is covered with them. He looks more like a criminal then the boy next door. He is super sexy and protective (he takes care of Chloe after just meeting her). He is built like a brick wall (Chloe's words) and has a huge secret. Most of the book, I thought he was into some illegal stuff just like Chloe did. He fits the description to a 't' with the tattoos, money, secret phone calls, and secrets. 

I loved that the book was slow for about one chapter and then jump right into all the good stuff. It introduce me to Chloe, then jump right into action with Chloe meeting Aiden and her life changing for the better. There is tones of sexy dirty talk. The dirty talk is great but the sex lacks something. It seemed boring and not exciting. The book is great without the sex. Aiden shows Chloe a whole new world. He takes her from boring to something amazing.

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