Sunday, January 11, 2015

Deviant (Deviant #1) by Jaimie Roberts

Wtf did I just read? This book was horrible or at least I thought it was horrible. It had potential but there was too much of everything. It was too long, some of the shit that was in this book could have been left out. There was too much repetitiveness. I didn't need to be explained the same thing over and over again a hundred times. Even though the book had too much of everything there was still something missing to make this book a good book. It needed something or anything really would have been good.

Tyler was a weird name for a girl by the way. I am all for girls having boys names but I thought I was reading a book about two guys at first. Tyler has someone clearly stalking her and I mean really stalking. He comes into her house, cleans up the mess she makes, organizes her house the way he likes, turns her toilet paper roll around, moves her car and she constantly feels like someone is watching her when she is out in public. All this has been happening for the past 3 years and Tyler doesn't see anything wrong with it. In fact, she starts leaving notes and cookies around her house for him. WTH?  She's calm as can be and someone is watching her and stalking her. She doesn't tell anybody or the police what's happening. It's no big deal to her. I would be going to the police and moving out She tries to reason with herself that he doesn't want to hurt or kill her or he would have already done it. She even calls him her stranger and eventually tells a kid about him likes it's no big deal. The kid doesn't think there is anything wrong with what's going on either. She eventually starts having sex with him. And it's not the nice kind. The sex is crazy hot. I think everyone in this book was crazy.

Dean or Tyler's stranger is super sexy in a mysterious way. He's secretive and dangerous and I seriously wanted a piece of him beside the whole stalking thing. That creep me out. Dean is out for revenge against Tyler but I think he went the wrong way about it. He stalks her, but she isn't afraid. He has sex with her, but she craves more. She likes everything he does to her. I didn't see why he even stalked her when she wasn't afraid of him. Ian was crazy and Tyler lead him on by always letting him feel her up. She kept saying they were friends but Ian wanted more. You could tell.

I think my favorite part of the whole book was the ending. It was a cliffhanger but at the same time the characters got what they deserved. Ian is dead, he was a scumbag and paid for it. Tyler faked her death and left town to get away from Dean. Dean was left alone which is what he wanted in the beginning. He wanted to destroy Tyler but he ended up destroying himself.

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