Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tamed (Tangled #3) by Emma Chase

Tamed is the third book in the Tangled Series and is now one of my favorite books. I absolutely fell in love with Matthew. Tamed is told from his perceptive and is during the exact time Tangled was happening. Emma Chase knows how to write a book from a male's POV. And it's funny and it's exactly the way I think a guy would think.

Tamed pick up with Matthew being depressed about his and Dee-Dee's relationship. It then takes us back 4 weeks to when Matthew first met Dee. The moment he met Dee-Dee, he was in lust with her. She was different and wanted her. But instead of asking Dee-Dee for her number, he asked Kate for it. He calls her that night and they start their fun relationship. 

Dee-Dee doesn't want a relationship. She just wants fun and Matthew is all for that. Until he's not. He falls for Dee-Dee quick and wants more. They hang out a lot and sleep together a lot. Dee-Dee thinks everything is moving too fast and makes a run for it in the middle of the night. She wants space and Matthew gives it to her. After a couple of days Matthew goes to her. Well more likes stalks her and they get back together.

Dee-Dee has a messed up past. She has a bad habit of falling for the wrong guys and getting hurt. She doesn't want to do the same with Matthew. Matthew to also has a bad habit of falling for the wrong girl. His college girlfriend was only with him for some stupid reason and cheated on him the whole time. He is over her and what happen but he hasn't falling for another girl until Dee-Dee. The college girlfriend does make an appearance in the book and almost messes up Matthew's relationship with Dee-Dee, but Dee-Dee ends up believing him. I don't know how she did though cause the situation looked sounded pretty messed up and I wouldn't have believed it.

Dee-Dee and Matthew end up having a serious argument about Drew and Kate's relationship and they end things. Matthew is miserable. Dee-Dee is miserable. They shouldn't have let there friends come between them but they did. Dee-Dee does come to her senses and goes back to Matthew.

I loved Matthew. Drew was my favorite in the series until Matthew. He seems real. He is funny, smart, loves sex, super hot and drives a motorcycle. I think I love Matthew more than Drew and I never thought that was possible. Drew does make some appearances in the book but it's not much. His sister makes some appearance too. I forgot how much I liked her character. Matthew seems to have a better relationship her than Drew does.

I love that Dee-Dee is different than any character I have read about. She is fun and free spirited. She doesn't care what people think of her and I like that. She is dresses crazy and is super smart. She tends to fool people with her clothes and her job. She tends to be difficult at times too but that just because of her past. The past tends to mess people up even if we don't want it too. I wish there were more books like Tamed. Matthew and Dee-Dee are my new favorite book couple.

I loved Tamed and Emma Chase and I seriously hope she writes more books.

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