Monday, July 14, 2014

Rhett (Rhett #1) by J.S. Cooper

Rhett is totally not that horrible of a book. The whole book is in Rhett's POV and if all guys are like him, I glad they keep a lot of stuff to themselves. I don't want to know what goes on in a guy's head or want to know what they are thinking ever again. The first half on the book, I felt like I was reading a book about high school kids instead of kids in college. These people seemed super immature. The storyline wasn't that originally and nothing exciting happen. The best friend turned lovers thing is a little over played in books nowadays.

Rhett seems like a really hot, super sexy guy with baby blues. And what girl doesn't love baby blues.  He is an asshole, charmer and a bit immature. His friends and him constantly talk about sex and boobs. He uses girls and he still calls his best friend - best friend. At 21 that seems a little ridiculous especially if you're a guy. He is super rich and knows how to play a girl. He can get whatever he wants as long as he flashes his smile. He doesn't believe in marriage, love or relationship. He is a keeper - sike. He is stubborn, cocky and arrogant too. 

Clementine is Rhett's best friend and is in love with him. Although she doesn't say anything, it is clear as day, she wants him. She is a virgin and is set on waiting for marriage. She is curious about sex and she too talks about it a lot. She believes in romance, grand gestures, dreams and prince charming. I had mixed feeling about her. She wanted the relationship and love and she kept trying to put her beliefs on Rhett who obviously didn't want the same things in life as her.  

Rhett and Clementine's friendship was a little creepy but cute at the same time. They acted like an old married couple, joked around a lot, bickered and knew each other since they were kids. They got jealous of each other when the other person talked to someone of the opposite sex. I think the whole Clementine dating Elliott was a joke. She wanted Rhett to notice her and make a move, so she did what every girl does and brought in a new guy. The only way to get one guy to step up the plate is to show him he has competition. Clementine was using Elliott to make Rhett jealous and it worked. Rhett hated seeing her with another guy. Although he kept saying it was because he was gonna lose his best friend but that wasn't it. Rhett wanted Clementine for himself. He always told his guy friends she was unavailable.

The book was horrible but it could have been better. The cover and synopsis makes the book seem like its gonna be great and I guess I should learn not to judge a book by it's cover. Cause this cover lied to me. I like reading well written books with great story lines and this book wasn't it. I also just noticed that J.S. Cooper is writing another book in the series called Rhett In Love. I hope it's better than this one. I hope the author matures Rhett into a man and he isn't as immature. 

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