Monday, May 19, 2014

Tapout (Worth The Fight #2) by Michele Mannon

I liked Tapout. It seemed different to me. The first book in the series Knock Out wasn't that great to me. However, Tapout was so much better than Knock Out. The main characters Caden and Sophie fell in love without even knowing it. They had amazing chemistry and the bickering about sex between the two were off the charts. I would have loved to see more steamy scenes between Caden and Sophie but the book didn't disappoint with what it did have.

Caden was an asshole pretty much throughout the whole book, but I fell in love with him when he got protective over Sophie. He had a very dirty mouth. He was sexy and he genuinely cared about Sophie even though he didn't want too. He tried to be romantic but failed miserably. He was a sexy fighter that I would loved to meet in person. He of course like every other fighter in a book out there has a screwed up past that he is running from or trying to forget.

Sophie was a strong independent women. She didn't take anything from anyone. She could take anything that anyone dished out including Caden. Even though, most of the time she got nervous or would blush when Caden talked dirty to her she would find herself and dish it right back to him. Sophie knew what she wanted in life and she wasn't gonna stop until she had it.

Sophie and Caden met in Knock Out when Sophie accidentally hit Caden with a camera. He considers her bad luck and wants nothing to do with her. Because of the accident Sophie lost her job and all the hard work she did. Sophie decides to go on tour with the fighters from the MMA and film a documentary to get some of her hard work back. Caden and the other fighters don't want her around at first. They eventually come around. As Sophie is filming her documentary she uncovers some crazy stuff behind the scenes. Caden has his own secret investigation about drugs going on too.

Then there is Jerry. I hated Jerry. He's the boss of the fighters and he is super shady and I just didn't like him. I felt sorry for him. He is bad news but at the same time I want him to have a happy ending. I feel like the author purposely wrote Jerry to be a horrible guy but I feel like he could make a comeback and turn out really good if the author wanted him to.

I hope there is a third book in the series with Anthony or Caden's brother. They both deserve a happy ending.

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