Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nash (Marked Men #4) by Jay Crownover

Nash was alright. I had thought it was going to be better than it actually was. When it follows the books Rule and Rome which I loved, I had high hopes for this one too. It didn't live up to those books. The storyline itself is great. It dealt with some pretty big stuff that people have to deal with everyday. Everyone and anyone can relate to Nash and his problems.

I originally loved Nash in the previous book and I loved him in this book too.  However, I didn't like Saint. She was too much of a weak person. Nash needed someone strong to fit into his world and his group of friends and Saint wasn't it. She lived too much in the past. I know the past can have a big impact on the way a person is in the future but Saint took it a little far with the past stuff.

Nash had to deal with some pretty big stuff. I was surprise he could get over finding out the guy he thought was his uncle his whole life was really his dad and then him dying. I also like that the other people from previous book made an appearance in this one. I always like knowing what the other characters are doing. I didn't like Nash's mom and stepdad. I think they were rude. I don't care if she didn't want a kid, she end up having Nash so she needed to get over herself and be a mom.

Nash and Saint met in high school. Saint had a huge crush on Nash. Saint overheard Nash talking about someone who Nash doesn't even remember talking about and Saint's feelings got hurt in the process. Now, they're adults, Saint is a successful nurse at the hospital that it seems like Nash keeps having to visit since everyone he loves keeps getting hurt and sent there. Nash sees Saint as someone worth all the trouble. He wants her. Saint has walls up since Nash hurt her before. She's scared of letting him and everyone else in too. She shy and awkward and doesn't want to be let down. They go through all the ups and downs in a relationship. Nash gets to a point where he's tired of trying to figure out Saint. Saint thinks she's messed up the best thing ever to happen to her. She realizes she's worth it and goes back to Nash. Nash's dad dies. Saint helps him. All of Saint's walls come down. The end.

Rowdy is the next book in the series and I can't wait. Rowdy is a mystery to me. He doesn't really make much of an appearance in the previous books so I can't wait to get in his head.

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