Thursday, January 14, 2016

Big Rock by Lauren Blakely

I read this book in about a day. It's a quick easy read that doesn't take much time or thought from the reader. I have read other books by the same author and didn't like them too much but I thought I would give this one a try. I thought this book was going to be great. The cover looked great. I am one of those people that judges a book by it's cover. I know that's not a great way to find a good book, but I still do it. The cover of this book gave me high hopes and it fell flat. I think I really need to stop judging the cover, maybe I then will find a great book. I haven't had one of those in awhile.

Spencer the main man of the book seemed too girlish to me. He's suppose to be handsome, sexy and a playboy that knows his way around in the bed, but I didn't get that feeling. He over thought some things and some of the stuff he did or said seemed more like something a girl would say or do. I got the feeling that the author wrote the book from what a woman thinks a man does or says or thinks instead of what it actually guy does. If that makes sense.  I have read other books in guy's POVs and I love them. Those books capture what a guy is feeling and thinking, this book didn't do that.

The main girl Charlotte wasn't that bright. She had a douchy ex that wouldn't leave her alone or so she said, but in the book he only really bothered her once. She texted herself and continue to text herself even after she knew she was texting herself. She didn't say how she was feeling or thinking. She made Spencer always lead and that seemed way too boring. Spencer and Charlotte were suppose to be best friends from college but that acted more like coworkers.

The jokes, banter and chemistry between the main character were lacking and corny. I just didn't like anything about the book. The plot even fell flat. I would think the seasoned author would write a better book than what I read.

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