Sunday, August 9, 2015

Craving Trix (The Aces' Sons #1) by Nicole Jacquelyn

I liked this book. It was short, sweet and got to the point fast. But I also had a problem with that. Trix and Cameron have been part of the other books and I have always wonder if they were gonna get together. You could tell they cared about each other in the The Aces Series, but I just didn't know how the author would put them together since there is an age gap.

Trix has loved Cameron basically since she met him. He has always been her best friend. After something embarrassing happens between them when Trix was a teenager, she stops talking to him. It breaks Cameron's heart but he knows its for the best. After several years, things are bad in the club and Cameron decides to stay with Trix even though she doesn't want him too. That's when things heat up. Way up.

Trix and Cameron haven't been a part of each other lives in a long time, yet Cameron moves in with her and in a matter of days they're sleeping together. Cameron says he has always wanted her but I got the feeling like Cameron felt more like her brother in the beginning of the book than a potential boyfriend. Things moved really fast. I would have liked the book to go a little slower. It was like, Trix and Cameron are friends, Trix hates Cameron, Cameron moving in with Trix, Trix and Cameron are together in that order. There was no build up, they just got together and I felt like it was out of left field.

This book was disappointing to me. I was expecting way more than I got. At the end of Farrah and Casper's story when Cameron says Trix is pregnant, I thought Trix and Cameron had some secret romance that no one knew about. I mean them sneaking around would have been a better story than what I got. Don't get me wrong, I did like the book. I love MC books, I was just wanting more of everything to make it a great book like the author's other books.

I definitely hated the drama. There was no build up to it. Trix and Cameron would be laughing and having fun then BOOM, Trix would get mad at something she was thinking about and take it out on Cameron. I expected so much more. However, I will still probably more of the series and pray it gets better.

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